On the Beginning of My Batman Fandom…

Those of us who were lucky enough to be born in the early 90’s probably remember watching Batman the Animated Series (BTAS). This show was my very first introduction to the iconic comic character and I was HOOKED!  The show debuted back in 1992 and it was like no other in its time! It was dark (in both the tone and literally-having its own style of animation referred to as “Dark Deco”) and it was psychological and mature and most of all, this show had Batman running from actual bullets (from actual guns-which doesn’t happen in cartoons nowadays).  If you haven’t re-watch this show as an adult,  find it online and get ready to re-discover something amazing!

I was a bit too young to watch it when it first arrived on the screen but I did, however, have the benefit of catching the show in reruns (and new episodes until ’95) . Somewhere in those years, when the show was airing on Cartoon Network, I saw the one episode that explained how Bruce Wayne’s parents died and how that led him on the path to becoming the Batman. That episode was emotional (to say the  VERY least) and for some kids, it was probably a bit frightening.

For me, however, there was a connection! It’s so hard to explain now, but I can still remember the feeling I got from watching that episode. I understood that you didn’t need any powers to be a hero and that even with the darkest and most tragic of experiences in life, you can do great things. As I got older I understood that everyone has some darkness in them and we don’t necessarily have to fear it if we learn to channel into something positive.  My three year old self probably thought something like “Batman had really bad things happen to him but he grew up and helped others with no special powers”- but whatever the thoughts I had, I was forever a fan after seeing that one episode!

After BTAS, I watched other shows like Batman Beyond, Justice League, Teen Titans, The Batman, Young Justice and the list goes on and on. Since comic books weren’t available to me as a kid, the animated series of DC comics were my introduction to the DC Universe. There’s a reason why I always thought John Stewart (aka the Black Green Lantern) the original Green Lantern  and that’s because the character was featured in Justice League.

So that’s my story! I was a nerd before I knew what the word even meant and that continues today…

The only thing that rivals my love of Batman is my love of Harry Potter and that is another blog post for another day!