I’m Still Alive! An Update from Korea


As the lyrics of one of my favorite Big Bang song says “I’m still alive!” and “I’m living the good life” (link to this song below)!

Spring has sprung here in Korea and let me tell you, it makes a huge difference on one’s mood and overall outlook on life! Not only is the weather beautiful, the flowers and trees are a’blooming! With Spring starting in March (instead of in late April, which was the case when I lived in Ohio for two years), I got to celebrate my 25th birthday with warm weather and the purchase of my second camera! For years, I’ve been dragging around my point and shoot Kodak (circa 2009) and I decided that for my 25th year of life and the rest of my time in Korea, I needed something a little more up to date.

So what does this mean? Well now I can take tons of picture AND VIDEO of my adventures around the island and on my trips around Korea. Hopefully, I’ll be dragging my new Samsung camera off to Japan in September (Yay, Harry Potter World!). While most kids in the West are gearing up for summer break, I’ll be teaching throughout the summer and hopefully extending my teaching contract by six months.

I’m planning to write some blog posts about my experiences as a first generation college student! I realize that many students feel confused when they are the first in their family to tackle the college life and I hope I can provide a few helpful tips about staying debt free (or at least trying to) and building skills during one’s college career that may seem silly at first, but come in handy later. Also, I’m in the process of preparing to retake the GRE and apply for PhD programs for admissions in Fall 2016.

And hey, there might be a few YouTube videos coming up to better illustrate what I choose to do in my free time in Korea, so keep an eye out for those links!

The promised Big Bang song w/ English Subs (maybe I’ll talk about Kpop a little more since these guys just had a comeback?)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=of2GzuZGxo0 -Still Alive


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